Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Colour And Light- Photos

We were asked in our tutorial to choose a picture that screams colour and light. This is my best friend in Ghana, when she came back she sent me all the photos she took and this one in particular stood out to me. The actual image itself is amazing, she is so high up above everything- as you can see the tops of the trees and all around her is green. The light is breaking through the leaves causing different shades, this gives the impression of light and brightness.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Second Life

Over the Christmas holidays I tried to use Second Life. From what i've been told/read Second Life is an online alternate universe, a 3D virtual world that exists only on the Net. By using your very own 3D avatar you are able to lead a second life, mimicking everything from a night on the town to a career in anything you want. It's a way of interacting with other people around the world and if you are serious enough you can even make money out of it.
It was quite fun but took a long time to load up, though after a while I found it quite tedious and gradually became bored of it. I enjoyed setting my online character and what she wears etc. I just wanted to see what it was like but in all honesty I didn't think it was for me  and I don't think i'll be using it again in the future. I asked other people what they thought about Second Life and there opinions vary but they are along the same lines as mine. A lot of people found that it didn't even load up and it was slow at loading each page.